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About the Author

Dr. T.V. Oommen is both a biblical scholar and a scientist. Having been raised in a Christian home, he spent many years studying and researching the Bible, most notably in the areas of Bible-Science and Biblical Archaeology. Some of his original contributions are presented in this Biblediscoveries web site under ‘Creation Mysteries’ and ‘Flood Mysteries’. He has been lecturing on these topics since 1973. Other articles on the web site have been adapted from eminent researchers in the respective fields. The author’s passion is to share with the world of Bible believers the most significant biblical discoveries of our time, in order to strengthen their faith in God’s Word.

By profession Dr. Oommen was a Consulting Scientist/Engineer who worked in academic teaching and industrial research jobs, with many publications and R&D achievements to his credit in the fields of Chemistry and Electrical Engineering. He was honored as a recipient of the prestigious R&D 100 Award for one of the top 100 inventions of 2000. Click here to visit his other website, “My Research Works.”

By birth, he is a native of India, but is a citizen of the USA. His birth place is Tiruvalla, a Christian-dominated city in the state of Kerala where the St. Thomas Christians of India are concentrated. St. Thomas, the apostle, is believed to have landed in Kerala in the first century, most likely with Jewish sea traders. Kerala was, and still is, reputed for spices.

In the USA he has lived in the states of Washington, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and North Carolina (most recent) since 1968. His wife, Anna, is also from the Tiruvalla area.

Residence: Raleigh, North Carolina since July 1991

Family: two sons and their families live in  Raleigh and vicinity; daughter and family in Vienna, VA

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