Ancient Cedar Wood of King Solomon’s Period Discovered

The Bible mentions that King David and King Solomon imported cedar wood from Lebanon to build their palaces. King Solomon’s Temple also used cedar wood.

In late 1960s an antique cedar tree of 12 meters(40 ft) long and 1.2 meters(4 ft) in diameter was exposed after a landslide in the hills of Lebanon. The University of Pennsylvania in USA examined this wood and estimated its age. It had only 188 growth rings, but the age varied from 973 to 1040 B.C (+/- 40). Apparently the tree had grown for only a few hundred years before it fell.

This is the first confirmation of the biblical reference to ancient cedar wood, and the age measured falls in the reign of David and Solomon. The ancient Cedar artifact s preserved in the Bierut National Museum.

(Information kindly provided by Dr. Malek Basbous, Lebanese Heritage Society, Beirut, Lebanon)