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Books on Bible Discoveries

Books on Creation Science:
The Creation Alternative by T. V. Oommen Ph.D
This is available in a spiral-bound notebook form with the material presented in easy to read condensed form. Ideal for your own use and for others. You may give it to evolutionists as an eye-opener. This book has been distributed during my seminars over the past 25 years with periodic updates. You will also receive a free article, Creation, The Right Choice written by me.

Chapters in the Creation Alternative:
1. The Challenge of Evolution
2. Evolution and Christan faith
3. The Voices of Science on Evolution
4. The Case for Evolution: Mechanism and Evidences
5. Scientific Objections to Evolution
6. Dating the past
7. Prehistory and the Genesis Flood
8. A Creation Model of the Earth
9. The Six-Day Creation
10. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
(Initial Edition 1974; Sixth Revision 1994), 55 pages

Cost (post-paid): $7.00 Checks accepted (payable to: T.V. Oommen) Send to address below

Bible Truths You Never Knew, But You Should
This is a collection of several short articles dealing with Bible Discoveries, Christian Life, Church Doctrines etc. Sample titles are:

What Is Wrong With Our Prayers?
Stop Worrying, Start Trusting!
Are You A Burden carrier?
Give God the Credit!
Life Is A Journey
The Perils of Prosperity
Crime & Punishment: Biblical Perspective
Tithing Truths
The Rapture: When?
The Day Christ Was Born and the Star of Bethlehem
The True identity of the Holy Spirit
Who Wrote the Epistle to the Hebrews?
A spiral bound notebook with the articles is available for $5.00

Checks payable to T.V. Oommen (see address below).

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