Byzantine Coin with Shroud Face

In my article on the Shroud (see ‘Sacred Relics‘), I have shown a picture of a Justinian II gold solidus issued AD 692 showing the Shroud face. This coin is expensive and difficult to find. Here is a later Byzantine bronze coin (‘Follis’) you can find with coin dealers. I acquired one recently. On the one side is clearly the Shroud face, and the other side has the inscription, ‘ihsus KRISTUS BASILE BASIL’ which means ‘Jesus Christ King of Kings’. This coin belongs to the period AD 976-1025 during the reigns of Basil and Constantine. Since the Shroud is reported to have arrived Constantinople in AD 944, this coin may be considered to commemorate the event. For a picture of the coin, please use this link to the Shroud article where the Shroud Face is described.