Important Discovery Announced

The True Locations of Mt. Sinai and Red Sea Crossing
May 2007

Christians have been deceived about the true Mt. Sinai and Red Sea Crossing sites for about 1700 years. It started with emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD when he declared a southern Sinai location  for Mt. Sinai, popularly known as Jebel Musa.         

The Red Sea Crossing was assumed to be through some lake or shallow waters on the Egyptian border. Then in the 1990s Mt. Sinai was ‘relocated’ to Jabal al Lawz in NW Saudi Arabia (ancient Midian) and Red Sea crossing site was chosen through as the Gulf of Aqaba. Several other locations have been proposed.

In 1980s two American Bible explorers studied ancient documents relating to these items and discovered that no one had looked for these in the right places. Their search of the crossing sites and mountains of NW Sinai in 1987 revealed these ancient locations. Their discoveries have not yet been officially announced yet, but is revealed on this site with permission, though the names of the explorers and their photographs will not be disclosed at this time.

Other puzzling aspects of the Exodus such as the Pharaoh of Exodus will also be covered.  Click here for more information.