New book on the Ark of the Covenant/Wyatt connection

A new book, The Blood of Jesus on the Ark of the Covenant by J. L. Harris (Publish America, 2003) narrates the author’s journey from near ignorance to full understanding of God’s plan for the blood of Jesus, that it should literally fall on the Mercy Seat. The final revelation to him came when he found Ron Wyatt’s name associated with the rediscovery of the Ark in a cave and Ron’s further discovery of the blood of Jesus having fallen on the Mercy Seat. Harris recognized Ron Wyatt as an ‘apostle’ of Christ in these last days. Harris has never met Ron. He was led to conduct a Bible code search on Ron, and sure enough, he found RONWYATT coded (both in the English and the Hebrew texts) in several places in the Bible. He found also ‘Arkcave’ and ‘Arkfound’ encoded in the Bible. Harris considers these findings reinforce his belief of the divine nature of the revelations received by Ron Wyatt. Click here to read the entire Ark of Covenant article.