The Original Bible Now Available

Those of you have read my article on The Original Bible wondering if the Holy Bible in its original order is available, the good news is that it has been available since 2007 from York Publishing Company, P.O. Box 1038, Hollister, CA 95024-1038 (may be ordered also through

Both leather bound and soft cover editions are available. This Bible has been produced by a fresh translation by Fred Coulter who had previously published the New Testament part.

The Old Testament consists of 22 books in the original Hebrew Bible order, and the New Testament has 27 books in the original order. Several of the OT books are divided into two parts such as the books of Kings and Chronicles. Chapter and verse assignments are as found in the Hebrew and English Bibles which are not found in the original text.

Commentaries are supplemented to the Bible text which may have some bias as all Bible commentaries have. Scholarly examination of the translation is desirable.